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The River of Death:
Regimental Wargame Scenarios
for The Battle of Chickamauga

          Refight the Battle of Chickamauga with these thirteen scenarios designed for the miniature wargamer in mind.  From the opening volleys at Jay’s Mill to the final shots at dusk on Horseshoe Ridge, try your hand at fighting history.  Or changing it!

          These scenarios are designed to be used with almost any American Civil War regimental level set of rules.  Rules are included for figures based on 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 historic men per figure/stand.  Times are given for 10, 15, and 20 minutes per game turn.  Maps are in full color, as are the numerous color photographs of the modern battlefield.  Also included is a full and complete Order of Battle for each side.

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"Brad Butkovich is to be highly commended for this effort! As a long-time scenario designer with several books of my own, I can appreciate the amount of time and effort (not to mention research and reading) that Brad must have put into this project."

-Scott L. Mingus Sr, editor of Charge! the newsletter for the Johnny Reb Gaming Society

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"The River of Death: Regimental Wargaming Scenarios for the Battle of Chickamauga is a must own for Civil War miniatures gamers.  The impressive research, full color maps, background on specific actions of the Battle of Chickamauga, and the ability to convert the scenarios to a wide variety of miniatures rules are just a few of the reasons this is so."

Brett Schulte, editor of The Order of Civil War Obsessively Compulsed – Informed Amateurs Blog the American Civil War

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"Overall I was very impressed with the work. The writing is lucid and accessible. The author clearly has a good grasp of gaming and can explain special rules, victory conditions and so on clearly and well. The range of scenarios provided also include a variety of interesting tactical situations."


-Mark Severin, Deep Fried Happy Mice


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